Link Building: Past and Present

08 August 2021 Amber Zia
Link Building: Past and Present

A link is a connection between two things and in SEO, it means pages. A backlink joins two web pages with each other. 

The second most important thing after content is backlinks. You must have seen all types of backlinks everywhere, especially in blogs. Most of these links redirect the attention of the audience to a different website. Website owners know this very well. But they still carry on this practice because a few types of backlinks are significant for search engine optimization. Backlinks are very useful for SEO. All the search engines including Google take backlinks into account in order to decide which website should be located at the top and vice versa. It’s one of the factors for search engines but the most important one while examining a domain. Through the nature of backlinks, search engines can judge the quality of the website. 

The hyperlinks added to websites transfer equity and value from the source website to the targeted website. The variables of link equity are value, trust, the credibility of the website, and relevance of the topic. When Google was first introduced the previous time, the standard for a website was decided by the number of backlinks a specific website boasted. But many people took advantage of this rule by making various websites that connected to their own website. 

These people attempted to deceive Google into thinking that their websites are famous, significant, and relevant. Through this step, the majority of these websites ranked on the first page of SERP (search engine result page). 

But now, things have changed a lot. Google brought Google Panda in 2011. Its purpose was to erase inferior websites from the first page and shift high-quality websites to their place instead. Search engines judge the quality of a website by examining the website properly utilizing lots of criteria


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